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Here are some of the benefits of hosting your website, emails or other web applications with

–> Host your website at 10Gbps upload/download Internet Speed.

–> All hosting plans come with unlimited data transfer

–> You need more disk space, just open ticket with us and we will increase your disk space without any extra charge

–> Enjoy worlds famous hosting control panel with all our hosting plans, CPanel

–> Want to encrypt your website, discuss with our technical support, all hosting plan comes with basic SSL certificate

–> All hosting package are equipped with WordPress, OSCommerce, Coppermine, PHPBB3, E107 and man more

–>¬†Our Networks are monitored 24 * 7 to ensure 100% reliable operation for you

–> 24 * 7 sales, customer service and technical support available via phone or email

Geographically our data center is located in Calgary Canada. Calgary is one of the safest city in this world, free from earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, volcanoes, tornadoes, landslides, hurricanes, typhoons, crime and terrorism attacks. Our 2nd data center is located in New Delhi India, which is not open to public and only being used for backups.

We also offer colocation services; you can rent full rack, half rack, quarter rack or rack space for one server. Check all our rack packages at

Give us a call to discuss your web hosting or data center requirements and how we can help you achieve goal, call us at 4033516600, or visit our web website