What is inbound marketing?

The technological revolution has effectively created a cost-effective marketing approach for businesses known as inbound. Inbound marketing is a strategy that does not interrupt any of your works. The primary aim of inbound marketing is to add value to the user, rather than stressing them with advertising or marketing messages.

What strategies are used in Inbound marketing?

The strategies include the combination of the best of digital marketing techniques.

  • Blogging- One of the common technique of inbound marketing is creation and publishing informative and educational blog that answers questions of potential customers and in turn lead them to the website of the company.
  • Interacting through social media sites- Social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook are also utilized to ensure companies establish a good connection with prospective online users. Social Media is also a great way of understanding customer’s needs and expectations.
  • SEO tactics- Different search engine optimization techniques need to be applied that optimize the visits by the user. The users should get the best experience by visiting the business website.

Difference between inbound and outbound marketing:

For businesses that are based online or possess a web counterpart, the amount of traffic is a pivotal aspect as it helps in determining the profitability and reputability of the venture. The two common mode of advertising used by online businesses to attracts visitors are inbound and outbound marketing.

In outbound marketing, the advertisers use traditional ads on magazines, newspapers and televisions or other printed information distributed in public areas. Some other forms of outbound marketing include direct mail, spam email and telemarketing. The companies make a direct approach to the customers and try to gain their attention towards the advertised products/services.

Inbound marketing, on the other hand, pays utmost emphasis on gaining customers’ attention by making information about the company easy to find. A key feature of this marketing method is that companies earn attention by creating content that customers find valuable. The SEO-friendly and informative content is circulated through numerous media channels to broaden the coverage of the company’s marketing efforts.

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