More Details on the Google Ranking Factors 2017

The Servercenter website has many goodies to offer its customers. These include SEO services, Internet Marketing services, and so on. Talking about these services offered by Servercenter, it brings the customers the most value-added services by adhering to the latest ranking factors released by Google. The SEO and Internet marketing services offered here go hand in hand. In fact, for a business to be a great success in terms of online campaigning, the focus should be on both these factors. The search engine optimization calgary is a perfect example for both these services working in communion with each other.

The field of Search Engine Optimization is quite dynamic which goes on evolving rapidly as time passes by. In fact, Google has reviewed its search engine ranking factors recently and published a summary of the same. Some of these are given below:

  • Quality and Length of Content

Content is still king when it comes to Google search engine rankings. Normally, by high ranking content we mean detailed content that delves deep into the subject. Also, the content should add value to the customer. Talking about the length of the content, there is no hard and fast rule because word count depends considerably on the subject. However, more lengthy and comprehensive content earns high rankings on the search engine.

  • Backlinks

Back links are a crucial factor in Google’s search algorithm. In other words, the greater the number of links you have from multiple domains, the higher the chances of topping the search engine ranking list. It is recommended that the online marketers pay keen attention to the back link profiles, since the recent updates like “Penguin 4.0” filtered and cleaned those sites which have back link profiles of low quality.

  • Mobile-first Indexing

This factor is also included in the list released by Google. The mobile-first indexing factor refers to how a particular website’s compatibility with mobiles influences the search engine rankings. The mobile-first approach of Google is creating revolution especially in local results, as the users get results that is based upon their location.

  • Page Speed

Page speed and mobile-first approach are in fact correlated. Websites that have a low page speed would find it harder to make it into the top list of search engine rankings.

  • Schema Code

This is an important factor if you aim for a higher ranking on search engines. A schema markup code helps the search engines to understand specific texts including phone numbers, addresses, reviews, recipes, etc. For local businesses, a site-wide schema code can create wonders.

  • Brand Power and Social Signals

Branded searches offer a strong presence in the search algorithm of Google. In other words, the greater the traffic a website achieves from branded searches, the better the chances of ranking higher in the search algorithm. In addition, the social signals from social networking sites like Facebook, Quora, etc. are strongly related to search rankings. This means that websites which combine social signals and brand power can top the search engine ranking list.

  • Domain Power

Domains which exactly match the searches can still influence the search rankings. Domain seniority or domain age is another crucial factor. While it is quite a hard task for new domains to top the search engine ranking list, it is much easier for age old domains.

To sum it up, for a website which targets a higher position in the search engine ranking list, the above mentioned factors are very crucial. Further, the expert SEO services offered at Servercenter understand it in the best possible manner.